Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My LR2!

This summer I knew it was time for a new car and I'm was pretty much tried of the jeep so I started the search for a new car. My last 2 vehicles were wrecked, funny enough that both cars I wasn't even driving them when they got hit. Needles to say I had to rush to find a new vehicle, but this time I had time to research and test drive different cars. I think I had too much time. Tested Chevy, Honda, BMW, Land Rover, Jeep, VW, Ford and I'm sure I'm missing some companies and I just didn't test drive one model from different companies but anywhere from 2 to 4.

I was really surprised when I test drove the LR3 and LR2 at the Land Rover dealer, it was a fluke that I stop by. I figured I didn't want a Land Rover but I change my mind quickly even I was still going to other companies and trying their cars out. Yea That LR3 is at my house.
They loan me a LR3 for a 24 hour test drive. I asked them what I was allowed and not allowed to do with this BIG suv and they said just drive it. Suckers! I DROVE it! First I loaded my bikes to see how much room I had. I took my parents for drive and later my sisters and brother in law. We're having a 5oth wedding anversity for my parents in a couple of days and we need to get tables and chairs to my sister's place. I loaded it with 8 folding tables and 55 folding chairs and still had room. Later that night I took a friend for a test drive and we took it up to the cabin at 10 at night and took dirt roads and some of bad sections. It was AWESOME! So smooth over the bumps. I had to gas in it to get back to the dealer the next day. I put over 350 miles on it in last than 24 hours!

But sadly as much as I like it, had some issues with it. radio controls hard to see while driving, just bad location, the control panel should have been angle a little instead of being straight up and down. The seats were ok and head rest put a cramp in my neck and too much of a gas hog.
The LR2 was pretty sweet, just a tad shorter than my jeep but I could still get my bikes in but I think I'm going to a rack for them for the race season except when I go to NJ overnight. Sorry NJ nothing against you guys, but you are NJ.

My only real complainant is no center console and lag on pick and go while getting on the highway and getting up to speed but once at speed it'll jump up 20mph in no time at all. Great on gas and it's has all the bells and whistles. I can't be happier. It's been awesome in the snow too!
As for Elwood I don't think he's too thrill with my LR2, he's still trying to figure out how to get comfortable and move around. The back seats are taller and arm rest makes it harder for him trying to get in the front but he's figuring things out the more he's in it.

But I think he likes it and plus the rear windows go further down then the jeep's rear window.

I'm not going to miss the jeep as much Elwood but I got his approval.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The last 3 months I've keep forgetting that a section of 233 is closed, I get to bottom of the Big Flat and I got to turn around and take Ridge Rd to the cabin. At least a pretty drive down a dirt road.
It seems this fall more than leaves are falling at the cabin. This tree landed on the power line, thank god it didn't snap the line. I didn't have my chainsaw with me. But I lifted what I could to take some weight off the power line. As you can see dump ass standing under the tree. I had to yell him to move, last thing I need is a tree landing on Elwood.

I final said the hell with it and found an axes and chopped a couple of trees down and just got everything off the power line. I rather be safe than sorry. Gets dark quickly in the woods.

About three weeks ago, back at the cabin and guess what? More down trees. One which was about 80 ft tall should had landed on the roof but snap in half and just scrap the porch and top part fell away from the cabin, once again got lucky. I decided to go up the following saturday to chop everything up, but I end up going sunday since I just about broke my hand working on my chainsaw.

I caught my hand on my table saw as I was pulling the cord for my chainsaw, dumb ass me moved the table a couple days early and I was working right beside it. Not too smart. It's been about 3 weeks now and my hand still hurts.
I know it doesn't look to bad but shit, that hurt. I haven't cried in years when I hurt myself but I did that day.
Pack lunch and the box I made a week early for my tools and head out.
The last tree of the day was a pain in the ass, all the trees I needed to cut up were already on the ground but this guy was leaning and just waiting to fall. I figure I better drop it since it could land on the cabin or the power which is on the other side of the tree.
I cut my wedge and start my back cut and turn off the chainsaw since I wanted to double check whit where it was going to land and make sure that Elwood is still in the jeep. Well I should have never turn off the chainsaw since I never got it to start until next week. I had to get the axe out and chop it down. It landed within 2 ft of where I wanted it to land. Don't worry Elwood was still in the jeep when it drop not beside it.
Have a little lunch with Elwood and pack up and head home.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My non race reports

Boo! Not racing is sucking the big sweaty donkey's balls. But other than not racing I'm getting to relax while watching some the races out there. I Love the Charm City race, well put together. Just wished they had more food chooses and open sooner. Me and Elwood were starving. It was great to see some friends I haven't seen last season and cheer on my teammates, thought they call it haggling.

Go figure, Gary not watching or cheering on our teammate, Mark.
Playing on his phone, actually he was trying to figure out his camera on his cell phone, yes the phone is smarter ;P
This was the only time Elwood was relaxing, he just got done rolling in the sand pit after I told him to stop since he was kicking sand on the people beside him.

Kelly Acres was a blast too, I was really bum I can't race when I saw the Flyover.
I didn't take any pics at the Iron Cross but I was there that day too and Elwood got to to see his puggle friend again which at the moment I can't remember his name but I think Elwood likes him because he looks like my friend Kate's puggle Levi.

Monday, November 16, 2009

In Hiding

Ok, maybe I haven't been like Elwood here, hiding but that's how feel in the past year. A lot of ups and downs and sometimes I just didn't feel like blogging about any of it. After the cross races at Beacon and Highland Park November8 and 9, 2008 I peaked which wasn't much of a big deal at the time. For the most part I was happy with my results and that weekend I realized I falling head over heels for a certain girl after getting off the phone with her everything was good and it was one of my best birthday I could remember in a while. That Sunday when I was about ready to leave NJ I broke down and cried, I was just overwhelmed and was happy that everything was falling in place. But in the next couple of weeks things started to go down hill, got sick after the Dutch Wonderland race, skip the following week of racing. Just didn't have the energy in my legs, the girl became distanced with me, after Christmas didn't hear from her :( and the last race of the season I missed my start time and did the B race which was a great experience but my knee was killing me afterwards for the next 2 weeks. I was toast, didn't even clean the bike until 2 months later. Got shoved by a student at work, back hurting again.

Things did pick up again for me in the spring, started riding a little and enjoying it, the girl started to talk to me again by March, I was looking forwards to summer vacation and boom! Was told to move the art room down the hall and guess what I did- F my back up! Spent my summer driving an hour up and back to get my back adjusted since Workman's comp wouldn't let me go to anyone closer and once my 90 days were up and I asked about switching Chiropractor, 3 days later my claim was denied which I'm still in the process of fighting and paying out of my own pocket for care and now I think my insurance company is about ready screw me. Headaches I tell you, I can't wait until I feel better, it's been up and down with my back. Just going to take time to heal. And Elwood is having knee problems again. Our walks had to become much shorter and some days you can tell his knee is hurting him.

As for the girl, We've been spending a lot time to together but I'm not sure how she felt about me and I've been trying all summer to tell her how I feel but shit, it was harder than I thought and trying to be careful not scare her away again like I did in December. I drop flowers off to her, she thought it was her house warmer gift, I mailed her cards I've hand drawn for her. I thought she would figure it out after awhile. But last week we were heading back from Baltimore, I just told her. Took me about 10 minutes to get the words. I can tell people how I feel but when it comes to love, I'm very guarded. Finally I just said "I'm in love with you." I think she was taken back a little but I think she has been just as guarded as I've been. She said it was complicated and that she is a mess realtionship wise and is current dating someone else. We talked for a while but nothing came from it. It's funny I was hoping to figure out where I stand but nothing has change and I'm still clueless to what to do and how she feels about me. I think she in same boat as me. I normally don't like put my emotion out there for anyone and everyone to see but sometimes just putting out there gets it off my chest and maybe I'll feel a little better and be able to breathe a little easier.

I feel like I'm in high school again with this love, it's hard. On the plus side I didn't scare her away and she sent me a text over the weekend :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

About done, just a little fine tuning

I'm not quite finish yet on my build but it's ready to ride. I got my White Hudz yesterday so I was able to finish wrapping my handlebars. At this point I need to ride the bike to figure out what I needs to be adjust, already I know I need to shorten the chain. Not sure why I'm having issues with figuring how long the chain needs to be, I didn't have any problems with both my cross bikes. One thing I noticed about this build is it took me longer to get everything on and adjusted. Not sure why? My cross bikes are the same except for the brakes.

As for my stem I'm using a Salsa Scandium stem 0 degree, I think I want to go with a 6 degree stem but I'm not sure if I want to go with a white stem or black. I think the white will be too much.
Might also do a zero offset seatpost, I don't know black or white but once again too much white?
As for my Mavic Ksyrium Sl with the cheap tires, they're going to disappear and in their place a set of Red Chris King hubs laced to Ambrosia Crono F20 rims with, ok I don't know what tubulars I'm going to run yet. I think my clincher days are about over. Once you ride a tubular tire for road or cross, you ass doesn't want anything else. I was going to use the Ambrosia wheelset for my Rock Lobster but I just might have another set made up if I like the ride plus if I can find a set Ambrosia rim here in the states. I wish someone would make a nice box rim with machine sidewalls and that's light. How hard can that be?
Once I'm done I'll take a better pic and list build for this bike.

Monday, March 30, 2009

When a bachelor cleans the bathroom

I'm such a bachelor when comes to cleaning, some days I think what's the point? I'm not trying to impress anyone and it's not like my house is filty. And yes I do use a shop vac to clean my floors.

But it figures I try to rush the job of cleaning the bathroom which I just made a bigger mess. I scrub down the whole shower but I can't hose down the upper walls of the shower since the shower sprayer(sorry brain dead can't think of the word) won't spray that high, so I go get a bucket and fill it up. Instead of gently pouring the water down the wall I throw the water up against the shower wall. I'm sure you guess it, most of the water bounce off the shower back on to me and everything else in the bathroom. Lesson learn you can't skip steps, I think? HAha!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clearance, wool & waiting

I just had to put my cross wheels on the new road bike. Look Jason 3mm of mud clearance! Nevertheless there isn't any air in those grifos.Got my Wool Hup United jersey last weekend, it even has the 3 pockets in the back. I'm still second guessing if I should had got a small instead of the medium but I'm sure I'll shrink in the wash, I'm goood at that. I still look good in it plus it goes well with my counting sheep PJs bottoms.
One thing about a bike build I hate the most is waiting on parts to arrive. Still waiting on a crank I bought ebay about 10 days ago plus a chain & cables set. I just realize I need a 10mm spacer. By next week I should have it completely built up. It might be a good thing to since I'm having issues with my knee but it's feeling better.
Peace out girl scout!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Up to no good again; PLUS packages!

One Small box filled with HUP United water bottles!

One big ass box fill with a ton of paper & bubble wrap (sorry no pics of Elwood and Me going nuts with tearing everything up) Oh and one Neo Exile carbon fiber frame and fork. Got one HELL of a deal on the bike and it has less than 50 miles on it. Personally I would had love to get a custom but road racing isn't my bread and butter. That's reserve for cyclocross. I wanted something simple for training and some crits races for this summer.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


By this weekend I'm going to have a sweet wool Hup jersey and no the XXL isn't mine, I wear a medium. Ok it's alomost 2 am time to go to bed!

I'm know for drinking the stout beers (hey I'm skinny, trying to put some weight on). But I love a Pilsner too, plus it's a Pennsylvania's beer. Lionhead is brewed in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I have to say there are quite a few PA beers that are very tastey. By the way they did change the label (sorry no pic, too busy drinking one these bad boys) but it's the same great beer for $14 a case. Cheap & great, you can't lose!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Someone is up to no good

And that would be ME!
CX guy with road brakes, what gives?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can you get me high? WHAT!!!?

Ok, I got a very strange requst from one of my kindergarten students the other day. When she ask I thought I didn't hear her right since the art room is sometimes (ok most of the time) loud. She repeated her self and I ask her 3 more time just to make sure. She said, "can you get me high?" I was utterly shock and confused and this wasn't one of trouble students. Then it dawn on me, she wanted her chair raised.Yes, I'm in the science room, got kick out of my art room about 2 years ago. Nice big room but I have 3 tables that sits 8 per table and they have sinks and gas fixtures not the best tables for an art room. The brown thing on the table is peice wood a I glue in place to keep the students from throwing their trash in the sink.
Yes my desk is alway is messy and I get lots of art that my students bring to my room for me to hang on my desk. I have to say I love my younger students when they bring me art work that did at home or durning their free time in their classroom. As much as I hate breakfest and lunch duty, it fun to see the students interact with me. My bad students in class will come over to to talk to me or give me hug. Kids can be funny at times. There are days I hate my job but there days I love and amazed with what the student do and make. I just need more those good days.

Monday, February 2, 2009

All Champion Out

Of course there was the Super Bowl last weekend but it was also the World Championship for men & woman cyclocross. I know I wasn’t expecting big things form the American men riders but bad luck for Jonathan Page and Ryan Trebon. For Page, I think he was having issues from a broken rib from an early race and also the stress from the missing the doping control and not being listed for World Championship roster until the last minute. Trebon was taken out by a camera boom!? Just to think he was taken out a year earlier in a head on collision when another rider cross the course tape. What I couldn’t believe was how the Belgian team rode as a team and not individuals and I think Nys Sven was surprised too, which he had a great race but came in 3rd. Albert Niels was a man on a mission, from the gate he never looked back and was gone.

Now the shocker of the days was American’s Katie Compton loss. She led most of the day way ahead of everyone with about 2 to 3 laps to go until Germany’s Hanka Kupfernagel and Nederthalen’s Marianne Vos caught Katie. Hanka and Katie did all of the work while Vos sat there and did nothing and at last second out sprint Hanka and Katie. I was pissed! She doesn’t deserve the World Championship, I found her to be quite lazy. Maybe simple put as Fat Marc put it on his blog, a dutch bitch. Is it being too harsh? Maybe but Katie took charge for most of the race but not end where it matter. Sounds like the Super Bowl, I thought the Steelers lost the game until the last second but pulled through at the last minute.

The USCF really needs to redesign the national jersey for the USA. Every nation you can tell which country they’re from since it has the country’s colors of or flags. But the USA, oh hell no! Red, white and black!!?? Black!? Where and in the hell did they come up with black! It’s BLUE! I heard the skinsuits don’t even fit correctly, let’s having someone who knows how to make cycling clothing instead of a shoe company. Nike has no clue what’re they’re doing. Poor Katie’s leg warmers rolled down her legs before the end of the 1st lap.

The Steelers won by the skin of their teeth. One of the better Super Bowls games in recent years. Katie Compton came in 3rd still good but still had a great race. The USA’s men, well we will have to see how they do next year and I do think Page will have a better year next season. Plus Mid-Atlantic’s team C3-Sollay’s Laura Van Gilder got 19th at worlds. Just think it was her first year racing cyclocross, now I call that a good season.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!

I love snow days! I tend to be very productive & I even get up early and any one who knows me I'm not a morning person and don't bug me until atleast 9 a.m. Well this has to be my laziest snow day, I fell back to sleep after I got the call and didn't get up until 10, still have a chance to be productive right....mmm maybe? Had breakfast and did get out and clear the snow, back in the house check my email and read some blogs and have a snack. Later headed over to my parents' place and clear their side walks and drive way. They live on a corner lot, whole lot more snow to remove, it took 2 hours which should taken me one. Boy I'm getting slow in my old age? No, just inch of ice on top of the snow plus my dad didn't have extra gas for the snow blower so I had to had get some more. Personally I rather do it with a shovel.

At least was thinking about cyclocross racing & how I'm going to miss the Cross my Heart this Sunday since my back is out of whack and didn't get my back adjusted today and the doc doesn't want me racing until she is happy with my back. If it was in middle of season I would be going nuts but this only one race, off season. I've been keeping my cyclocross fetish in check by reading the blogs and buying parts. I couldn't help myself after Christmas, there where all these deals and big % off sales. I got some stuff in the other week and the rest is coming in next week, I think I will keep you guys guessing, LOL! If you want someone else teasing you, check out Yash's Zanconato Cross bike. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

I had to laugh last week when Jason comment on my last blog about my work in my basement, hate to say I don't work on my bikes in the basement, but upstairs in front living room on my of all things 20x15 foot Belgian rug. Don't get upset about me messing up a good rug, I bought it at a yard sell back in college & it's a little worn. But nice enough to work barefoot. Sorry didn't find any bike pics but Elwood sitting on the Belgian rug will work for me. I might not tell you yet what I got plan for my Rock Lobster but I'll tell you what I'm lusting for. There's not too many areas on my bike to lighten it up any more except maybe running Shimano 7900 but I don't see that happening. So the seat post is my best bet. I have a generic one on now, I don't think it's that heavy but the Woodman Post EL is 85 grams for 250mm post. Now that would save me weight. Later this weekend I should have my parts and new wheel set, opps I said too much. Don't worry it's not another carbon wheel set, I wish.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little work in the basement

Over my winter break I final got some work time in my wood shop in the basement, it's another great way for me to relieve stress other than racing cyclocross. But that wasn't the case for 5 weeks leading up to Christmas. I was having a new furnace and central air put in the house which had no air ducts at all, needless to say there was a whole lot of ripping and tearing in the walls and ceiling with a crew which didn't clean up after themselves. Nothing like coming home finding my floors looked like someone threw a bag of flour up in the air and just let land every where which left me stressed. The first couple of days home on break I spent just cleaning, it took me 2 days alone to clean my workshop and put it back in order. The work on the central air isn't done yet but at least they just need to hook it up and nothing else but at least for the most part the heavy part of the work is done.

The bad things about getting a new furnace besides the mess was I wasn't able to make my dad's Christmas present which I got started on after Christmas day.
Tell you the truth I love my table saw! It's my grandfather's Sears & Robuck saw from the 1930's which is still in great shape and better than most table saws on the market today.
But I still like my modern tools too! You might be wondering what I'm making? I was building a rolling cart to hold and air compressor and air hose reel, plus I was making one for myself too.
Plus durning this week I was dog sitting my parents' dog LUCCA! Don't let the cute & innocent face fool you. This was her can you play with me look since Elwood won't play face.In less than 60 seconds a get the LOOK of stop taking my picture and get your butt upstairs and play with me and give me a snack.Meanwhile Elwood was asleep on the couch. He's not much of a fan of hangout out in the basement like Lucca but again Lucca likes to find wood pieces to steal.

If you're not sure what to get a guy for Christmas that's a woodworker, you can't go wrong with clamps. I never have enough of them.
Wow! This is one quick dog, later that night I get up to check my email before going to bed, she's curled up in a little ball sleeping and I come back in less than 2 minutes to find her in the same spot sleeping but now with a pair of my socks and yes that's my underwear she using as a blanket.
A little sanding and add the air hose reel and my dad's air comprosser cart is done.
I think he liked his present.
Here's my cart, I still need to sand the sides but I'm happy with even though I like my dad's better. Next project should be a computer desk, it would be nice to get my computer off my dinner table.