Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My LR2!

This summer I knew it was time for a new car and I'm was pretty much tried of the jeep so I started the search for a new car. My last 2 vehicles were wrecked, funny enough that both cars I wasn't even driving them when they got hit. Needles to say I had to rush to find a new vehicle, but this time I had time to research and test drive different cars. I think I had too much time. Tested Chevy, Honda, BMW, Land Rover, Jeep, VW, Ford and I'm sure I'm missing some companies and I just didn't test drive one model from different companies but anywhere from 2 to 4.

I was really surprised when I test drove the LR3 and LR2 at the Land Rover dealer, it was a fluke that I stop by. I figured I didn't want a Land Rover but I change my mind quickly even I was still going to other companies and trying their cars out. Yea That LR3 is at my house.
They loan me a LR3 for a 24 hour test drive. I asked them what I was allowed and not allowed to do with this BIG suv and they said just drive it. Suckers! I DROVE it! First I loaded my bikes to see how much room I had. I took my parents for drive and later my sisters and brother in law. We're having a 5oth wedding anversity for my parents in a couple of days and we need to get tables and chairs to my sister's place. I loaded it with 8 folding tables and 55 folding chairs and still had room. Later that night I took a friend for a test drive and we took it up to the cabin at 10 at night and took dirt roads and some of bad sections. It was AWESOME! So smooth over the bumps. I had to gas in it to get back to the dealer the next day. I put over 350 miles on it in last than 24 hours!

But sadly as much as I like it, had some issues with it. radio controls hard to see while driving, just bad location, the control panel should have been angle a little instead of being straight up and down. The seats were ok and head rest put a cramp in my neck and too much of a gas hog.
The LR2 was pretty sweet, just a tad shorter than my jeep but I could still get my bikes in but I think I'm going to a rack for them for the race season except when I go to NJ overnight. Sorry NJ nothing against you guys, but you are NJ.

My only real complainant is no center console and lag on pick and go while getting on the highway and getting up to speed but once at speed it'll jump up 20mph in no time at all. Great on gas and it's has all the bells and whistles. I can't be happier. It's been awesome in the snow too!
As for Elwood I don't think he's too thrill with my LR2, he's still trying to figure out how to get comfortable and move around. The back seats are taller and arm rest makes it harder for him trying to get in the front but he's figuring things out the more he's in it.

But I think he likes it and plus the rear windows go further down then the jeep's rear window.

I'm not going to miss the jeep as much Elwood but I got his approval.


cxstraggler said...

cool ride. Yeah i had the disco(land rover discovery, for your raggamuffins who dont know what that term is)and that thing rocked with size and capabilities, but yes it was a gas hog(14 mpg). did youdrive their course? it is fun! you will be happy with your purchase. They have the best 4wd capabilites even when you are not in 4wd. Well nice down here. chat later. gotta go!!

bluedog18 said...

No I didn't take the LR2 on the course but I did take the bigger LR3 on and that was a blast! How you liking NC? Guess the weather sould be warmer!